Fiverr Advertisement

From an Ancient Greek Slave Society to our Modern Work Society

The Fiverr advertisement above only hints at the enormity of the predicament we find ourselves in. It implies that work is central to life; that hard work is a vital virtue in the work ethic; that ceaseless doing is the order of the day. And what if the whole thing were simply one ghastly manifestation of the spirit of total work?

I plan to put on some 8-week-long workshops on total work starting later on in 2018. Each class–there will be 8 classes total–will be held remotely via Zoom. (Zoom is like Skype but has greater capacities with regard to hosting people living in different parts of the world.) Each class will consist of three parts: lecture, discussion, and exercises we apply to our lives.

The aim of the course is not only to come to a greater understanding of the history and significance of total work but also to explore the ways in which total work has played out in our everyday lives.

My plan is to host one workshop with European participants and another with North American participants.

To learn more about it, you could sign up for my total work newsletter. I’ll make the announcement there when I’m ready to launch the program.